While we tend to assume that divorce is a process marked by disagreement and acrimony, that is certainly not always the case. Very often, both parties are on the same page about the dissolution of the marriage and the division of property and would prefer a simple and straightforward process to legally bring about the end of the union. In that case, an uncontested divorce is called for. If you and your spouse are in agreement about the terms of how to dissolve your marriage, you may be candidates for an uncontested divorce in Washington state.


An uncontested divorce in Washington state is exactly what it sounds like: both parties are in agreement about division of assets and debt, as well as in agreement about parenting arrangements (if children are involved) and any alimony that might be paid to either party. It is faster, less expensive and can be easier to keep private. That said, an uncontested divorce still requires filing paperwork, navigating the laws governing uncontested divorce in Washington state and dealing with the complexities of dissolving a legal union. To save time and stress, enlisting the help of an uncontested divorce lawyer is always a wise idea.

What can we offer?

As your uncontested divorce attorney, I may offer a flat rate fee to help prepare all the necessary paperwork, file the paperwork, and present the final paperwork to obtain a Washington state uncontested divorce, helping alleviate the stress of doing the process yourself, as well as ensuring the paperwork is correctly completed. If your uncontested divorce case is filed in Whatcom County or Skagit County you will not need to go to any court hearings. Snohomish County requires those seeking an uncontested divorce to attend a hearing for entry of your final paperwork that I would attend with you. Though simpler than a standard divorce, uncontested divorce in Washington State is still a complex and often stressful process. Enlisting the assistance of a qualified uncontested divorce lawyer can help limit that worry as you transition to the next chapter of your life. Contact a Legal State of Mind uncontested divorce attorney today.

What might it cost?

Please note the following are estimates of what a flat rate cost may look like for an uncontested divorce in Washington state and may be different depending on the complexity of your situation. The following costs include the filing fee of $314 as well as my fee as your uncontested divorce lawyer.

An uncontested divorce to dissolve your marriage by agreement with children: $1,520. An uncontested divorce to dissolve your marriage by agreement without children $1,270.

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