The Dissolution of a marriage is always going to be an emotionally challenging event as one sorts out the steps that need to occur to finalize a divorce in Washington state, as well as planning for one’s future. If you believe the two of you are going to be in agreement about all the terms please refer to the page about Uncontested Dissolution (Divorce). The following is meant to provide some guidance regarding divorce in Washington state and Washington state divorce laws.

Once your Washington state divorce paperwork is filed either by you or your Washington divorce attorney, there is a required minimum wait period of 90 days. While your case is pending and not finalized you can seek temporary orders that can address issues such as a temporary parenting plan, temporary child support, temporary spousal support, use of assets and debts, who should remain in the home, as well as other possible issues that may arise from your divorce in Washington. As an experienced Washington divorce lawyer, I would be happy to discuss this process in more depth.

As to finishing your divorce in Washington state, the parties can, of course, simply agree to everything, at which point, as your Washington divorce lawyer, I can draft the paperwork reflecting that agreement. If the parties cannot agree on the terms, every county I practice in requires mediation, which is something I can discuss further with you. If mediation is unsuccessful, a trial may be necessary to finish your divorce in Washington state.

The parties may also need to go through a process known as discovery if additional information needs to be discovered from your spouse. As your Washington divorce lawyer, I can advise you on all discovery-related issues that may arise.


  • Washington is a community property state, meaning that property and assets, as well as debt, acquired during the marriage is subject to being divided between the spouses as a condition of Washington state divorce laws. There are some exceptions to this as to what may be considered separate property. This does not mean that all property will be divided 50/50—property division can be complex and having a Washington divorce lawyer to advise you can prove invaluable.
  • Washington is a “no fault” divorce state. What this means is that, according to Washington state divorce laws, who is at fault for the dissolution of the marriage is not a factor in determining division of property, custody, child support, or other terms of a divorce in Washington.
  • Washington state divorce laws look at a number of factors in determining the awarding of spousal support, but there is no fixed formula. It is often challenging when one household is separated into two separate households in terms of expenses. Spousal support negotiations can be complicated and emotionally fraught, and this is one area in which a divorce lawyer in Washington state can be beneficial to you and your interests.

Even under the best of circumstances, going through a divorce can be challenging. As a Washington divorce lawyer, I am not just an expert in Washington state divorce laws, I am also someone that will help to protect you, your interests and your future during this changing season of your life. If you have questions about divorce in Washington state, either the process itself or Washington state divorce laws, contact me today.

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